Heritage & History

The Duluth and North Shore areas are rich with history. A busy trading port when Minnesota was a frontier of a young nation, Duluth was once the fastest growing city in the United States. At one time it had more millionaires per capita than any other city. The Duluth Boat Club, which once sat on the current hotel site, capitalized on the wealth of the area’s businessmen and became the largest and most prestigious water club in the nation. Since 1905 there has been a bridge to Park Point, and since 1930 it has been the Aerial Lift Bridge. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The Coast Guard has operated a station on Park Point since the late 1800’s and is a neighbor to the resort.

The Edmund Fitzgerald sailed from Duluth on its fateful night in November and became part of the Lake Superior folklore of shipwrecks. The first lighthouse on this end of Lake Superior was built on Park Point in 1858, a few miles from the hotel. The village of Park Point came to be in 1881, and a ferry was used to shuttle people back and forth across the canal. It cost 5 cents a time or 1 dollar a month.

At the Park Point Marina Inn we have embraced our historical past. We are proud of our heritage and pay tribute to the famous and legendary Duluth Boat Club with our architectural design, and in murals and pictures found in our brand new hotel.

We invite you to cross over the bridge from ordinary and take a step back in time to enjoy our wealth of heritage and history.