Alder Ship

The Alder is a Juniper-class, 225-foot seagoing ice breaking buoy tender of the United States Coast Guard stationed in Duluth.

The Alder was built by Marinette Marine Corporation and launched on February 7, 2004. Alder’​s maiden voyage was on September 12, 2004. Alder replaced the previous cutter stationed in Duluth, USCGC Sundew, which retired after 60 years of service and was 180 feet long.

The Alder is designed as a multi-mission vessel, with its missions being Aids to Navigation, Icebreaking, Search and Rescue, Homeland Security, Law Enforcement, and Marine Environmental Protection. It has a displacement of 2,000 long tons, has 13 foot draft and its beam is 46 feet. It is motored by two 3,100 shp Caterpillar diesel engines and has a top speed of 17 mph. It has a range of 6,900 miles at 14 mph. We salute the Alder and the men and women who sail on her.