Built as a brand new hotel, which opened in May 2014 and is located 50 feet from the water’s edge, our hotel’s history has 100 years of heritage behind it that we would love to share with you. Park Point possesses a spirit and beauty unlike any other area in Minnesota. Its 7 miles of sand beach holds memories of shipping and fishing long since passed. Not to mention it’s the longest freshwater sand spit in the world. Visitors are drawn to Duluth and Park Point by its beauty and charm, but their souls are stirred by our rich history and heritage. The independence and courage of the early explorers of which Duluth was founded by reminds our guests of what it took to settle this frontier of unmatched landscape and panoramic views. Men such as Carnegie, Rockefeller, and Hill made some of their fortunes here. Landmarks like the Aerial Life Bridge have been here since the 1800’s. Lake Superior, the world’s largest freshwater lake with its famous Gales of November, and the ships that have been claimed by them, presents a history in itself. Our hotel is located next door to the United States Coast Guard station which has been there since 1906 and hosts the Alder, an ice cutting ship, that is very active on Lake Superior. It is only 300 feet away from the hotel so you can easily watch them practice drills and keep the ship in working order. Canal Park, with its great restaurants, unique stores and great shopping, is a treasure trove of historic landmarks and buildings. The Harbor Cove Marina, a 100 slip operating marina that the hotel overlooks, has been in operation for decades.

The hotel property itself sits on the site of the land that the famous Duluth Boat Club occupied in the early 1900’s. The Duluth Boat Club was the largest water club in North America with over 1,400 members. It was the most prestigious club in the Twin Ports area at the time. Some of the interior and exterior architectural designs of the hotel are formed from the historic club. Lighting and bath fixtures in our ultra-modern facility resemble boat club amenities from years gone by. The interior was designed from pictures of the boat club’s dining and pool areas. Over 100 year old remnants of wood logs were saved from the St. Louis River and are used in the enhancement of the facility. In the Harbor Cove Lounge you’ll find a beautifully unique and historic mural of the boat club.

The hotel has partnered with the St. Louis County Historical Society, Minnesota Historical Society, and author Michael Cochran, to preserve our rich heritage and provide all of our guests with a history laden experience. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of the St. Louis County Historical Society and Mr. Cochran, the hotel will be host to a revolving collection of boat club, Duluth, and St. Louis County memorabilia, artifacts, pictures, and trophies. All of our guests can enjoy and relive the memories of a golden age of yesteryear while relaxing in the comfort of our brand new modern hotel resort facility. The hotel was designed to enhance the Park Point water front, and not to overwhelm it. The engineers and architects laid out a blueprint on the landscape as to create a beautiful hotel that offered magnificent views, but also was environmentally friendly and preserved the heritage and history of the site. Because of the grandeur of the Duluth Boat Club, the hotel’s amenities were designed to provide our guests with the most modern of hotel comforts while incorporating a relation to the heritage and history of the site. We look forward to hosting you while you take in all that Duluth has to offer today and from years gone by.

We invite you to cross over the bridge from ordinary and enjoy our historic past in a brand new modern hotel resort facility we call Duluth’s waterfront hotel.