Hospitality Promise

Our Hospitality Promise is:

We guarantee you that every day, on every shift, for every guest, our goal will always be the same. We will always be striving to exceed our guest’s expectations and then some. We are dedicated and committed to providing our guests with the very best hospitality and service by all of our team members. We encourage you to bring to our attention immediately any questions or concerns you may have during your stay about our staff, amenities, or facilities that you feel we can approve upon. Please help us with our goal to constantly improve on our guest’s experiences through our valued guest’s feedback. Cross over the bridge from ordinary and experience Park Point and the Park Point Marina Inn and Resort hospitality guarantee.


Our Guests:

Airlines call them passengers.
Banks call them depositors.

Clinics call them patients.
Lawyers call them clients.

Retailers call them customers.
Restaurants call them covers.

Taxi drivers call them fares.
Theaters call them patrons.

They all have one thing in common.
They are people who pay for services.

Park Point Marina Inn calls them valued guests.
And that’s what’s different.

When you welcome guests
Into your place of hospitality,
It’s like inviting them into your home.

We pride ourselves on our hospitality.
Every day on every shift.
Our goal is simple.

To always be striving to exceed our guest’s expectations
And then some.

We put it on our website.
We put it in our in-room directories.
It’s in our hotel newspaper.
It’s on our table tents.
We stand behind that statement.
We put it front and forward
For everyone to see.
It is our mission statement.
Our staff and management
Are dedicated and committed to it.

We welcome your comments and feedback
To help us continually learn how to best host you.
Thank you.
We appreciate your patronage.