Social Responsibility

We are a 2015, 2016, and 2017 TripAdvisor National Certificate of Excellence Award winner, and a 2017 TripAdvisor National GreenLeaders Award winner. With 63 out of 68 rooms having outside decks, we have the highest percentage of rooms featuring a deck of any hotel in Duluth. Near popular Canal Park, Park Point Marina Inn is one of the newest hotels in Duluth having opened in the summer of 2014. The Park Point Marina Inn Hotel Resort is committed to ensuring that our operations are conducted in a responsible manner that assist in the sustainability of our special environment in which we are fortunate to live and work. We operate in a sensitive location right next to Lake Superior and on the United States largest freshwater sand spit. We support and practice a number of meaningful initiatives that help to preserve this wonderful environment for the enjoyment of our guests, local community, and our associates for generations to come. We have employed a companywide stewardship program that strives to minimize our facilities impact on the environment. Our green committee, made up of team members and managers, meets on a regular basis to constantly reduce our footprint and make the world a better place. We are constantly striving to create a company wide culture for our guests, team members, community, fellow businesses, organizations, and the environment. We have implemented various programs in the form of recycling, energy consumption, water conservation, water run-off, and material usage to reduce our environmental impact.

We are proud to conserve environmental resources, and have a thorough environmental sustainability program in place for all of our team members to participate in. We encourage all of our vendors to share our responsibility in these endeavors and to assist us whenever possible to lessen our impact on the environment. We are a green business who is dedicated to the overall health of the environment. We encourage all of our guests to leave no footprint behind, whenever possible, and to bring to our attention any new or innovative ideas that they feel will have a positive impact on our overall operations. We are always continuing our goal of maintaining our beautiful environment on Lake Superior, in Northern Minnesota, and the entire world.



There are motion sensors in all of the public bathrooms to conserve energy. There are motion sensors in all the public and guest hallways to reduce energy consumption. We use biodegradable coffee cups, plates and bowls at our Pantry Breakfast Buffet. We recycle in all departments, and use some office products that are made from recycled materials. We also have chemical free lawn care.


Guest Rooms

Guest rooms contain informational signage for our sheet and towel changing procedures to reduce energy consumption. Our towel and bedding program encourages guests to participate with us to reduce washing and laundering unnecessary items. Energy conservation sensors are in each room to automatically turn off lights and power to certain outlets to reduce energy. This reduces consumption beyond 30% when the room is not occupied. Energy efficient faucets, toilets, and shower heads reduce guest water consumption by a third. All guest rooms have computer controlled air conditioners and heaters. Recyclable containers are also in each room so that aluminum, paper, and glass can be recycled through our hotel wide recycling program. Artwork provided by a local artist helped reduce shipping energy used and packing materials.


Buying Local

By buying locally as much as we can, we maintain the business that holds an intellectual part of the distinctive character of Northeastern Minnesota. We reduce the environmental impact by requiring less transportation for our products. Local businesses are owned by people who live in this community and area, and have a vested interest in its future. They share our commitment to its long-term well-being. By buying local, we are able to invest our dollars in the future of our community, local business, schools, families, nonprofit organizations, and team members, while maintaining a healthy economic growth, and reducing our overall environmental impact on the land.



We are proud members of the following organizations and support their efforts to constantly improve hospitality service and the overall guest experience for all guests visiting Duluth, Northeastern Minnesota and Minnesota statewide. We believe in working together and forming partnerships to enhance our business, our profession, the community, and our team member’s working environment. We have one goal for our guests’ experience and that is to exceed their expectations at every opportunity. By belonging to these organizations, and learning from the educational opportunities they present to each of our team members, we are able to maintain the business standards, ethics, and value of products they represent as a whole.

  • Visit Duluth Convention and Visitors Bureau
  • Duluth Chamber of Commerce
  • Canal Park Business Association
  • Minnesota Hotel Association
  • Minnesota Office of Tourism
  • St. Louis County Historical Society
  • Downtown Duluth Council



We are an independent hotel operation with no affiliations to any corporations or concealments. All members of our ownership group live in Northeastern Minnesota and have grown to love the area, its people, its natural resources, and the people who visit our area. Decisions are made in Duluth, for Duluth, with the entire area’s benefit and well-being in mind. We take pride in our commitment and social responsibility to do what is right to protect our environment and preserve our resources while being a good neighbor and member of the community. The ownership group has committed to preserving the heritage and history of the boat club site that once occupied the site of the current hotel operations. By partnering with the St. Louis County Historical Society and providing boat club pictures and memorabilia for guests’ entertainment and education, the ownership is developing a continuing History education program for all to enjoy. Architecture and engineers where chosen by the ownership group to design the interior and exterior of the hotel using the main attributes of the boat club’s architecture and presence. The owners are committed to providing all of our guests with the very best possible guest experience while sustaining the heritage and history for everyone’s enjoyment.