Park Point

Park Point is the world’s longest freshwater sand spit with one of Minnesota’s finest beaches that has its own beach house. It is one of the few places in Minnesota with natural sand dunes. Park Point has water on both sides with Lake Superior to the north and the Duluth harbor to its south. Its views are dramatically panoramic and the summer breezes it offers are refreshing and cooling.

Park Point has 18 acres of Department of Natural Resource Area with old growth of white and red pine with walking trails, and a historic lighthouse building that is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

There are 2 playgrounds on the point, as is the Sky Harbor Airport to watch both seaplanes and regular planes take off and land.

Park Point provides a serene and relaxing environment with the characteristics of a small community for guests, without the hustle and bustle of a commercial district. However, it has direct access to restaurants, shopping, and activities just a short distance away to provide the best of both worlds.

TripAdvisor rates it as a top 10 attraction in Duluth. It provides great ship viewing on both sides of the peninsula.

When you walk up the sand dunes and down to the beach, you will feel the lake breeze and hear the lapping of the waves and you will be instantly hooked. Family picnics, birding, photography, sun bathing, swimming, sand castle building and romantic hand held walks on the beach are a few of the things that will bring you back to staying on Park Point every time you visit Duluth.

It provides guests with the charm of an island retreat getaway, and has a special romantic mystique that warms the soul and will take your breath away.