Today’s Deal

Today’s Deal will always feature a wide variety of deals and promotions. They may last an hour, a day, a week, or all month long. It may be our annual food shelf drive, where you’ll receive a discount on your standard room rate with 3 non-perishable items. Our Toys for Tots program is a popular way to receive a reduced room rate by donating a toy. We guarantee it will always have a value, and may be a little zany in the Cheek to Cheek tradition of the historic Duluth Boat Club. Sometimes we will even put out a standard special deal. You will want to check out Today’s Deal every day. We encourage our guests to have fun, smile, laugh, and be generous in the kindest way to your fellow man. Reservations for these deals need to be made by calling 1-888-746-2673.


Stay tuned, January Specials coming soon!


*Some restrictions and guidelines apply. Must be a registered guest in the month of the deal to participate in drawings and/or discounts. Rooms and prizes have no cash value. Contest and/or offers may be changed at any time by the hotel. We reserve the right to limit availability and/or quantities. All pictures and/or materials submitted to the hotel for a contest and/or drawing become the sole property of the hotel and guest releases hotel from all personal holds, costs, or claims to pictures and/or materials. Some restrictions may apply. All complimentary rooms won are valid Sunday-Thursday from November 1st, 2017 until March 31st, 2018 and must be used during that time. These are not valid on holidays, special events, blackout dates, or school breaks.