“Love is a friendship set to music”

-Joseph Campbell

The aura of romance starts with your own desire to create something special and unique. Awaken the romance that the two of you will remember and cherish for a lifetime. Some will embrace the small things, the special attention to details like chocolate covered strawberries, horse drawn carriage rides, or a hand held sunset beach walk. Others will relish the unplanned moments like relaxing on your deck with a glass of wine while watching the sunset over the harbor. Maybe reconnecting with your loved one over eating breakfast on our outdoor patio. Some will enjoy each other’s company in the solitude of holding hands on the hotel’s Breakwater Pier Walk. You can make it an event and reserve the Jacuzzi suite and enhance the occasion with fresh flowers and Godiva chocolates. Some guests might find romance in sharing the adventurous moments, and have us make reservations for a sunset sailboat ride, zip-line adventure, or a tandem bike ride. Whatever your passions and romantic desires are, we can help you steal the moments in time that will make it a special getaway that you will cherish forever. Let our Concierge Service Representatives help you plan and coordinate that uniquely wonderful event that will make you escape the ordinary and connect with that someone you love. Remember, whispering sweet things is free at our hotel, and we encourage cheek to cheek dancing at all times. To bring your relationship good luck, we suggest to always do a toast to the infamous cheek to cheek dancing ban notice plaque, from the original Duluth Boat Club log, hanging on the wall in the lounge. It’s a hotel tradition that some guests say is very lucky indeed.

Cross over the bridge from ordinary and enjoy a romantic adventure at Duluth’s Waterfront Hotel.