Pampered Amenities & Services

Pamper means “to treat or gratify with attention or excessive indulgences, kindness, or care.” When you desire more, give us a call. We have placed cards and flowers on beds, hidden teddy bears with chocolates, chilled champagne with strawberries, sprinkled rose petals from the guest room front door to the balcony, and placed bubble bath at the bathtub for special occasions. We can assist you to create that special moment. If you can imagine it, we can probably help you make it happen. The time to indulge should never be determined by needs, but by your frame of mind. Who was it who said, “if spoiling yourself is sinful, thank goodness they put a bible in every room.” Everybody at one time or another deserves to be pampered. Life is hard. Travel getaways are rare. Why settle for everyday ordinary when a secret indulgence can be so exciting and fun. Having your breath taken away and feeling the hair stand up on the nape of your neck are good things. Remember, when you only have the time to steal away a romantic day or two, make sure to guarantee that there is nothing left to chance. Romantic moments can sometimes be fleeting. Enhance and distinguish those times to your advantage. If you’re already planning a romantic surprise, take it to the next level. When we at the Park Point Marina Inn decided to allow the infamously banned Cheek to Cheek add-on package from the Legendary Duluth Boat Club, it was all good old fashioned pampering. Cross over the bridge from ordinary and pamper yourself, we know you deserve it.


Fitger’s Salon & Spa: (218)491-7007

(Spa & Massage) (1.7 miles away)


On the Canal Salon & Day Spa: (218)279-4000

(Spa & Massage) (4 blocks away)