Ship Watching

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Since the Park Point Marina Inn Hotel Resort was built within 50 ft. of the water’s edge of the Lake Superior Duluth Harbor, the ship viewing from the hotel is unbelievable. The ships pass right in front of the hotel’s Breakwater Pier Walk and can be seen from all of the harbor view side rooms, the picnic area, and the outside breakfast patio.

The Duluth Coast Guard Station is located right next door to the hotel and features the 225 foot ship, the Alder, so the opportunity to see a ship while staying at the hotel during the shipping season is extremely good. On average, 5-6 ships pass by the hotel daily during the height of shipping season.

Children and adults will be hypnotized by the ships as they pass in front of the resort. Since the resort overlooks the Harbor Cove Marina and its 100 slips of sailboats, fishing vessels, and leisure boats, our guests and their children will have various opportunities to see boats on the harbor. The Wednesday sailboat races are sometimes held in the harbor right in front of the hotel and provide a very colorful and graceful display of Lake Superior sailing techniques. Relaxing on your harbor view guest room balcony with your favorite beverage while watching the marina traffic is an extremely peaceful and serene experience.

The Twin Ports of Duluth and Superior are some of the busiest shipping ports in the United States. Grain, coal, and manufactured parts are just a few of the items that are carried by the 1,000 foot ocean-going, and Great Lakes, shipping vessels. Duluth is the farthest inland freshwater seaport in North America.

Located within an easy walking distance, of just 4 blocks from the hotel, is Duluth’s famous Aerial Lift Bridge, which is the gateway to the Duluth Lake Superior Harbor.

The hotel provides our guests with a variety of ways to learn of the shipping and marine traffic schedule so you can plan your day accordingly. The Park Point Gazette, the resorts daily newsletter, is placed in front of every guest’s door each morning so they will have it when they wake-up. Copies are also available at the Pantry Breakfast Buffet and the Concierge Service Center. The hotel’s travel information center is located in the first floor hallway, and has a TV that will have the daily shipping schedule as well as a description of each ship. Located above you will find links that will provide you with; Duluth, Great Lakes, and world shipping information. If you are out and about for the day, the Maritime Museum located next to the Aerial Lift Bridge will have a posted marine traffic schedule. If you’re exploring the North Shore along Highway 61 for the day, always stop at the Two Harbors Iron Ore Docks and see if any iron ore ships are loading. Cross over the bridge from ordinary and see why you can view more ships, boats and sailboats at our hotel than any other in Duluth. We guarantee it!